Our core menu consists of corned beef, pastrami, Reubens, and Rachels.

Special items include reuben sliders and portabella reubens with truck-made dressings. We use locally-sourced ingredient whenever possible.

Our menu can vary from event to event, and we offer specials throughout the season.
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Regular Menu Items

Sandwich Sizes: Standard Size (6oz), Skyscraper (8oz)


Corned beef or Pastrami
Grilled rye bread, Swiss cheese, truck dressing, sauerkraut.
Served Hot


Grilled rye bread, Swiss cheese, truck dressing, House slaw.
Served Hot

Pastrami Grilled Cheese

Hot pastrami, Swiss cheese, and red onion jam on grilled rye.
Served Hot


Corned beef or Pastrami
Sliced fresh and served on rye with mustard
- ask about our own truck-made spicy mustard.
Served Hot or Cold

All served with pickle wedge.

Skyscrapers Reuben